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The Coke Ovens
On 4-19-03 We Went To The coke ovens, A historical site in the middle of nowhere. The ovens are in a very remote location, tucked in the mountains behind Florence. To get there I went to a few web sites read several trail reports, and acquired GPS way points...
... after having packed enough food to feed a small army. We were on our way. When We first got there this SIGN concerned us, but our date wasn't posted so we proceeded.the trail was pretty easy for the first few miles. We ran into some guys in a red tube frame Zuk, but i dint get a picture :( it was real nice. We showed them where there where on the map and where Martinez Canyon Was. and they took off. I imagine they hit every side trail back there, their rig was sweet. About 2/3 of the way to the ovens we Met up with the Zuk guys again and this time they had a friend...Dan and Heather (we think, I am horrible with names)they were in a Jeep Cherokee. They we're heading to the ovens also. Up ahead in the distance it looked like a group of stock trucks were heading the same way (CRAZY)...Any Ways we later met up with some other guys Tony and Keith in a Bronco. I Got a Good Pic of my truck. Finally made it there and the coke ovens are still in fairly good shape considering 2 of them were converted in to homes, probably by hippies (Notes Keith). We hung out at the ovens for about 45 min. then we all agreed to find the easy way out. Off We Went. I thought when i went over the gila river on the way in that it was pretty dry, i was wrong It was flowing. there were some people on the other side already letting us know that it was safe to pass one by one we went through the river, the folk on the other side got pictures but i didn't :( I did manage to get one picture of the group minus Keith who was over talking to the other group who looked camped on the side of the river. It was a great day Run. I look forward to our next outing.

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