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I miss my toyota 4X4

Posted by aperture.disaster on January 25, 2010 – 3:37 am

I used to have a 1985 toyota 4×4 Extended cab – it was one of many toyota 4×4’s previously in my possession. I think i am going to buy another one. I love my little honda but i think its time to get back into a four wheel drive vehicle. I have been with my motard and civic for about 2 years now and i realize i am missing out on some great backroads. this is and old post i have not linked to in years old blog post

Truth is I am an explorer and limiting myself to paved roads has taken its toll on me. Its time to transition back to something more desert ready.

My truck

See ya on the trails!

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  1. 1. Jennifer Said:

    Ahh… beeeautiful picture! I just thought of your truck the other day too. I saw one just like it going down the freeway, and I thought of you.

    Your Sister